I am Rynozerus. Freelance Designer and Illustrator

A strange name no? As you may have already worked out, it's a deliberate misspelling of Rhinoceros. Why? Well, when I was a kid, my friends and I all gave each other nicknames based around animals. I happened to run like a rhino... It's kinda stuck over the years.

If you are here then you probably already know something about my work (whether you've seen me at conventions or onthe various online sites I use), but for those that don't you can view some stuff here. Yes, I am freelance which means I get the best of both worlds - I can work for clients but I still get to do my own stuff occassionally.

I attended the University of Derby in the UK, studying Graphic Design, both winning and being short listed in a number of in house awards and competitions. I graduated the course, having specialised in illustraion with a BA.

I love films (especially horror), youtube, comics and video games. I have a love of singing and will often be found singing while I complete the daily chores. I'm most inspired by great story telling. Whether that be in comics, books, TV series, or films, a great story fuels the imagination and creativity. I hope that my comics will one day do the same.

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Own Projects


I will happily do commissions for both individuals and businesses. Whether it be for illustration or for graphic design, I offer a friendly and creative service. I pride myself on being approachable and enthusiastic about my clients and the work I end up creating.

NOTE: All commissions as of December 2015 can be either digital or traditional at the commissioner's request.

  • For individual prices:
  • Please do feel free to visit my Tumblr posts by clicking the links. If you would prefer to purchase through Etsy rather than through email then click on the images in the tumblr post to be redirected to the relevant Etsy listing. You may also view these at my etsy if you feel like a browse.
  • You can also visit my FurAffinity commissions page for current prices.
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  • Inked Lineart
  • Coloured Images
  • Tattoo designs
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  • For business prices:
  • Please contact me via email to get a custom quote specific to you.

Ryn vs. the Universe Comic

You may have heard of Scott Pilgram VS. The World, well, this comic is nothing like that comic or film. Ryn VS. The Universe is an upcoming comic of mine about my many fails against inanimate objects, funny things people have said and life in general.

It's a comedy comic that features many events of stupidity and clumsiness that have no doubt happened to us all... but I openly admit to!

Stay tuned as they will only be short issues of a few pages, printed on Kraft paper with white highlights. They'll be a nice collector's item.

Intimacy of Shadows Comic

This is a comic that I started and planned just before I went to university. I had to abandon it in the most part because of studying but it's a story that I still love and can't wait to revisit.

Set on the world of Caida, in the continent of Farhaven, Intimacy of Shadows is a short but epic dark fantasy. Split into 3 main arcs that span across a decade.

Follow the main characters, Mai-Linna, a shdow elf assassin on the run and in hiding, and Rein, a presumed dead war hero with his own shady secrets.

The two are forced together by accident in a quiet port town close to the Continent border. Journeying together they will overcome treacherous pasts and a secretive enemy from another realm.

I revamped the comic and I am currently working on the first issue now. Stay tuned as more is coming soon!

Collaboration Projects


If you like anthro characters, westerns, cyber punk themes and large worlds; you'll really like PAMBO.

A collaboration between myself and SReimann, this comic series is the result of a game of 'Consequences'.

Follow Steven and Groak, best pals but completely different personalities. Follow their escapades over episode styled stories through the vast world they inhabit.

Meet anthros of unusual and under used species; from mice to axotls and bearded dragons.

This story has a little something for everyone in it.

We originally created this a while a go but university got in the way for both of us. Keep watching as we hope to have the new look revamp out at some point in the future.

Unnamed Comic Collaboration

This is a top secret collaboration I have planned with a friend I met at a convention.

All I can reveal is that it involves horror, sci-fi and monster of the week themes.

It will contain regular characters in episode style stories that may cross over from time to time.


Another potential comic series I have planned with SReimann. It is however in the very early development stages.

It involves anthro creatures (hence the name) in an anthology comic. Each anthology will have a separate theme.